12.12.2022 at 15.30
Palace of Culture and Science, Kruczkowski Hall (4th floor)

Human Interaction with Digital Reality
– Research Summary

The VR/AR vnLab of the Film School in Lodz has conducted research on another VR experience at the Virtual Reality and Psychophysiology Laboratory of the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The goal was to develop recommendations and scientific publications based on the results of research and analysis on the medium of contemporary audiovisual messages, expanding the field of human interaction with digital reality. After taking part in a VR experience, during which the psychophysiological data of the participant in the experience (heart response, electrodermal activity of the skin, eye tracking and movement parameters) were recorded, viewers filled out a questionnaire about their reactions to the experience. This was followed by an interview with the researcher in the form of open-ended questions about the impressions.

Pola Borkiewicz, the head of the research, will talk about the goals, course and results.


Pola Borkiewicz
Visual Narrative Laboratory VnLab

Head of the VR/AR Studio of the vnLab Visual Narration Laboratory of the Film School in Łódź. Creative producer of several VR/XR works made at the VR/AR Studio, vnLab, Film School in Lodz, including: Control Negative (2022) – premiere DOK Leipzig; Nightsss (2021) – premiere New Frontiers, Sundance FF and New Horizons FF; Deep Dive (2020) – premiere Courant 3D, Angoulême. Experience director: I, Habitat (VR) Assemblage, the first assemblage in the series: Habitat, Mirrorworld, Metaverse and the Habitat series of film essays.

Head of research on the perception of VR experience audiences in the New Forms and Technologies of Narrative project within the Regional Excellence Initiative programme (2019-2023) carried out in agreement of six parties: vnLab PWSFTviT, VRLAB IPPAN, OPI-PIB, PJATK, KOBO and WF UŁ. The aim of the project is to develop recommendations for the creation and evaluation of immersive environments, cinematic and interactive virtual reality experiences. She leads the research work of the VR/AR Studio in the area of codification of a new narrative language, ethnography of the production process and perception of creators and audiences. She is working on the project of the monographic publication XR, realized on the digital platform vnLab, published by the Film School in Łódź. Co-author of the research: The impact of VR technology on the effectiveness of filmmaking knowledge and skills transfer carried out by VRLAB IPPAN for NCKF with funding from the Polish Film Institute (2018). She has published in the field of the new narrative language XR, IDN, sleep and the bioethical consequences of the development of virtual environments. Consultant for the Polish Psychedelic Society.

Designer of the VR game The Curator (IAM). Designer and researcher of the IKEA application for generating objects and content using AI (2020). Co-founder of the XR Society. Jury member of the Transatlantic VR SpaceTime Award (2018). Initiator and co-founder of the interdisciplinary project Narrative Systems Open Lab implemented at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2016/2019). Curator of the conference Art&Science, Immersive Storytelling, ASP, IPPAN (2018). Associate of the Centre for Social and Technological Innovation at SWPS and the Interdisciplinary Research Centre of the Film School in Łódź (2016/2018). Expert in Innovation Evaluation Committees (2016-2023).

Lecturer at Speakers’ Avenue, courses: Film & Perception (DreamScreen, NeuroCinematics) and Cinematic VR (Crash Course & Pro). Dream director at DreamJay, responsible for the audiovisual and research department of the Nightly app (2015/2017). Author of audiovisual essays.

Designer of the interactive installation and producer of the opening of the National Forum of Music in Wroclaw, music_is (2015). Creative director of Extended Studio (2014/2016). Designer of the interaction of the Poland exhibition at EXPO2015 in Milan. Creative director of Kraków’s Copernicus Festival, edition I: Revolutions (2014).

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