Title: Defiance
Creator: Karo Zacharski
Genre: VR experience

For me, reptiles became an image of rebellion against the standard understanding of sexuality – animals that simultaneously repel and attract due to their unusual beauty. Apart from the huge variety of shapes, I was fascinated by their lack of (from a human perspective) visible sexual dimorphism. I decided to combine my pre-hormonal transition silhouette with that of the reptiles and thus defy the femininity imposed on me by society.


Karo Zacharski (born 1998). A 5th-year student at the Faculty of Media Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Works mainly with sound, 3d, space and video. Most often explores themes of broadly defined identity, mental health, empathy and animalism. He is committed to stimulating empathy in his viewers and sensitising them to the human and non-human beings around them.