12.12.2022 at 15.10
Palace of Culture and Science, Kruczkowski Hall (4th floor)

Film studio and greenbox in VR productions

Where and how to use a professional film studio in VR productions? Audiovisual Technology Center in Wrocław (CeTA) has the largest universal greenbox in Poland, measuring 7.5 m x 17 m x 16.5 m with a total area of about 280 square meters, with a green or blue floor, with the possibility of developing a black horizon. The studio is used for professional trick photography for film productions, TV shows, commercials, photo shoots, as well as for educational purposes. Dr. Robert Banasiak, director of the Audiovisual Technology Center, will talk about the possibilities of using CeTA’s space for VR productions.


Robert Banasiak PhD
Center for Audiovisual Technologies
Banasiak PhD

Doctor of Economics, director of the Centre for Audiovisual Technologies CeTA in Wrocław (former Feature Film Studio), film producer and co-producer (including the Oscar-nominated “Your Vincent”). He has many years of experience in management in the public and private sector and NGOs. Involved in activities supporting young filmmakers and original audiovisual projects.