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'Niepodległa' Program Office

‘Niepodległa’ Program Office – a state cultural institution established on February 1, 2017 to support the ‘Niepodległa’ Government Program. Organizer of events and coordinator of subsidy programs related to the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence and the restoration of Polish statehood, as well as the celebration of the National Independence Day, including the ‘Niepodległa do hymnu’ social campaign and the Independence Festival at Krakowskie Przedmieście. In 2020, the Office produced a film in Cinematic VR technology ‘Wiktoria 1920’ for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw (the co-producer was the National Cultural Center, and the partner – the National Bank of Poland). In 2021, it initiated the ‘Niepodległa w kadrze’ project, under which it develops VR productions. It also created the ‘Pałac Saski AR’ application, which allows you to view live the Saski Palace in the shape before the outbreak of World War II in 1939 and in the place where it had been for centuries – at Piłsudski Square in Warsaw.

Central Technology House

Central Technology House (CDT) is an education center of the 21st century, a place where educational programs for children, adolescents and adults are created and implemented throughout the year. As part of the broadly understood technological education, CDT conducts online and stationary workshops, events and conferences during which experts and practitioners discuss topics related to the use of new technologies in teaching and the possibilities of developing technological education in the future. CDT is created by a team of modern education enthusiasts. Together, we promote teaching in the STEAM spirit, which is a valuable supplement to the knowledge acquired in traditional schools. The project is implemented by the Polish Development Fund Foundation.

Technology partners


HTC VIVE - the most immersive VR experience

‘Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, let me do and I will understand.’ Confucius

VIVE delivers best-in-class, innovative virtual reality systems designed for business and education that offer new, more effective forms of collaboration and engagement. It revolutionizes the process of training, product development, education, design, culture and art, human interaction and takes meetings, conferences and events to a whole new level. Virtual reality is an effective form of establishing relationships, building commitment, maintaining a high level of concentration and allows you to achieve the best results. The most effective form of learning takes place through participation and experience and the emotions that accompany it, i.e. full immersion.

Showtime VR

Showtime VR – a world leader in tools for running synchronous VR shows. The Showtime VR system allows for easy remote management of multiple VR goggles, e.g. in the classroom or at the exhibition. For 5,500 or 5,000 people simultaneously watching 360-degree movies – in one room or scattered around the world. The software of the Warsaw company is used, among others, by National Geographic, PwC, Koncept Kultura Foundation, Steinway, film festivals in Cannes, Venice, Copenhagen, ‘Niepodległa’ Program, Jardin d’Acclimatation, Samsung, National Museum of Australia, Royal Air Force and Narodowy Bank Polski. More


Edutech Expert

Edutech Expert is dedicated to providing the latest technologies for education and Industry 4.0. Edutech Expert specialises in 3D printing, robotics and virtual reality. We deliver knowledge and help you acquire the competences of the future. Since 2021, Edutech Expert has been co-creating eduVR, the first virtual reality system dedicated to education in Poland. The complete eduVR educational solution is equipped with interactive educational modules in Polish and English for primary and secondary schools.



KIR is a technological integrator offering solutions enabling companies and institutions to comprehensively digitize processes. As a shared services hub, the company builds system solutions for the economy and administration. It provides settlement mechanisms for cashless payments, services based on big data algorithms, secure information exchange and open banking systems, and offers tools for remote identity confirmation and electronic signature. He has experience in the practical use of blockchain technology and knowledge that he shares with the market by offering a test technological environment – sandbox blockchain.

Cyberium Foundation

The KIR Foundation for the Development of Digitization ‘Cyberium’ aims to increase the digital awareness of Poles. It is involved in activities for the public good, in particular in the field of promoting projects aimed at the digitization of processes in the economy, providing support to educational programs and promoting new technological solutions in economic practice. It supports initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility and promotes involvement in employee volunteering at KIR.


Audiovisual Technology Center


Chernobyl Again
A game created in virtual reality technology set in the space-time related to the Chernobyl power plant. Set in a photorealistic scenery, the heroine tries to change the fate of history as we know it.

Virtual Heart of Polish Science
Educational application. Photorealistic heart scan and content created in cooperation with the Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery in Zabrze Prof. Zbigniew Religa allow in a previously unavailable way not only to learn about the principles of the heart, but also to look into its nooks and crannies.

Tools supporting the creation of educational games in virtual reality
A collection of mechanics created in the Unreal Engine 4 technology that allows you to create your own VR game. The aim of the project is to create a VR experience for partners with more modest budgets. The possibility of combining them allows you to create complex VR experiences.

DC Center / VR Incubator

VR Incubator is a place of business creation and development, enabling the use of numerous consulting and training services, as well as modern and diverse space. Thanks to the appropriate technological infrastructure, the facility creates opportunities for creative activities in the field of VR. VR Incubator experts have many years of experience in obtaining external funds, including for new technologies, for companies and cultural institutions.

Exploded View


An interdepartmental research unit in the Faculty of Humanities at AGH, dedicated to exploring and exploiting the socio-cultural potential of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies.


Mindy - understand thoughts, emotions and feelings

This is a mobile app with practical exercises and knowledge to support your mental health. You will find more than 700 recordings from 40 certified trainers and experts. They will help you gain skills you weren’t taught in school, lower your stress levels and relax before bedtime.

Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Institute of National Remembrance - Office of New Technologies

Nowa Era Ltd.

Technical University of Łódź

Collaborative Computer Games Development

Legal Culture Foundation

Played With Fire

Played with Fire is a studio that was founded in 2019 in Krakow, Poland. In 2020, the team published their first game Stargaze. Stargaze exemplifies the stylish, immersive fantasy worlds they are keen to create in future VR productions. Key members of the team are experienced developers who together have released 16 games with companies such as Curve, Paradox and Microsoft, across all leading platforms. They believe that in the future VR platforms will be able to deliver highly immersive action adventure games characterised by features not yet possible today. 


XR production studio specialising in the creation of VR and AR videos and applications. We use new technologies to present and promote our clients’ products and services. We create advertising campaigns and training materials that emphasise quality content and a personal message. We provide comprehensive project care – we help create the concept, provide consultation, and realise and implement the project, overseeing every stage. Our clients have included McDonalds, Triumph, Nespresso, Wawel Royal Castle, T Mobile, Mercedes Benz, Amundsen, Atrium European Real Estate, among others. Our AR mobile app ‘Colourful World Centre’ won the Silver Award at the 13th PRCH Retail Awards in the ‘Event’ category and was shortlisted for the final of the ECSP European Solal Marketing Awards 2022.

Aktin sp. z o.o.

Aktin sp. z o.o. – a new dimension in education

Aktin is a family business with a 25-year history, made up of a father, two daughters, their husbands, and employees whose core has been with them for several years. Our strength lies in our mutual support, but also in the diversity of our interests. Together we are creating the school of the future. We design friendly, ergonomic and modern classrooms. Each of them is created from scratch by a team of people working closely together. The basis of our success is the ability to play to one goal. A salesman has to listen to the needs of the school to select the optimal solution, an interior designer and a graphic designer create the design and visualisation, which is produced to order and then assembled on site at the school. We are constantly introducing new technologies to schools. From the largest education fair in Europe, we brought back the idea of using virtual and mixed reality in multi-subject teaching. Visualisation of places in 360′ mode, three-dimensional objects and a beating heart at your fingertips – all of this takes lessons into a completely different dimension. We call ourselves the Pink Actin Family and this is the atmosphere we create every day at work. We change the school to make it modern and inspiring. We are a team!

COLLEGIUM XR - Research centre on VR, AR and XR at the Pedagogical University of Cracow

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