13.12.2022 at 1:00 p.m.
Central Technology House

XR in culture and education - get to know us!

In this part of the conference accompanying the festival, we will learn about VR projects implemented by Polish cultural institutions, companies and organizations. Their authors and originators will present their productions. These will be:

  1. VR game ‘The Viking settlement of Truso and the Battle of Grunwald – medieval stories in a virtual world’ and the application ‘Virtual trail of the Elbląg Canal slipway’ – Hanna Laska- Kleinszmidt, Urszula Kondraciuk, Regional Digitization Workshop of the European Meeting Center ‘Światowid’ in Elbląg
  2. ‘VR Drawing’ – Piotr Koźniewski, The VR Incubator
  3. ‘Niepodległa.kom – 100 years of Polish comics’ – Adrian Kulesza, Project Manager, Center for Comics and Interactive Narration, EC1 in Łódź
  4. ‘The Game of the Ciphers’ – Adrianna Paradowska, Deputy Director of the Office of New Technologies, Institute of National Memory
  5. Vall Gallery application – Aneta Siwka, Innovation Centre – Tadeusz Różewicz Municipal Public Library in Wrocław and Marcin Łopusiewicz – author of the Vall Gallery application
  6. AR application ‘Dragon in Krakow’ – Małgorzata Steciak, Project Manager at CinematicVR
  7. EMPIRIUS Virtual Laboratory – Magdalena Roguska, Regional Manager New Era
  8. Use of HTC technology in cultural and educational projects – Bartosz Żuk, Regional Product Manager CEE, HTC Europe.


Anna Bińkowska
VR project producer, 'Niepodległa' Program Office
Adrian Kulesza
Project Manager, Center for Comics and Interactive Narration,
EC1 in Łódź
Hanna Laska-Kleinszmidt, Urszula Kondraciuk
Regional Digitization Laboratory of the Center
for European Meetings 'Światowid' in Elbląg
Piotr Koźniewski
DC CENTRUM Sp. z o.o., VR Inkubator
Adrianna Paradowska
Deputy Director of the Bureau of New Technologies,
Institute of National Memory
Aneta Siwka
Coordinator of the Vall Gallery project, Transition Centre - Tadeusz Różewicz Municipal Public Library in Wrocław
Marcin Łopusiewicz
author of the application Vall Gallery
Wojciech Sak
Director of Business Development at Nowa Era
Małgorzata Steciak
Project Manager at CinematicVR
Bartosz Żuk
Regional Product Manager CEE, HTC Europe.

Chief specialist for promotion and projects at the Office of the ‘Niepodległa’ Program, where she has been working since the beginning of 2018. She is a graduate of postgraduate studies in project management. He deals with, among others, social media of ‘Niepodległa’ and special projects – literary competitions or productions implemented in Virtual Reality technology. She started her adventure with film from Munk Studio’s Master Course in Film Criticism during the 40th Gdynia Film Festival. She worked on the production of the short film ‘Niepospolita’ (2019), supervised the production of the VR film ‘Wiktoria 1920’. She is the producer of the VR films ‘Not to Love on Such a Night’, ‘Dża-Dża’ and ‘Kino’ on behalf of the commissioning producer – the Office of the ‘Niepodległa’ Program.


Graduate of the University of Wrocław and Postgraduate Studies at the Wrocław University of Economics, specialist in scientific and technical information. For many years, she has been the manager of the Transition Innovation Centre, implementing tasks in the field of socially responsible digital education. Author of thematic mobile games implemented with the ActionTrack application: “Mock – the past is back” within the framework of the IFLA Congress, “Underwater adventure in Hydropolis”, “Stuxnet” – inspired by the book “Island” by Sigríður Hagalín Björnsdóttir. She is the originator and coordinator of many educational projects using new technologies for audiences of different age groups. Her main area of interest is education using augmented and virtual reality and the use of these technologies in the process of increasing access to culture. In the area of strengthening digital competences, she cooperates with many entities, including the business sector.


He is a chemist who realizes his hereditary and chronic creativity and the tendency to search for more optimal, spatial solutions in the fields of AR and VR. Since 2010, he has been creating new interaction models for devices and virtual 3D mobile environments, especially, but not exclusively, augmented reality – he calls himself a visionary, a dreamer. Working with a team of programmers and graphic designers, he deals with issues both in the field of advanced virtual technologies and the idea of ​​their applications, benefits and new horizons. He talked about his subsequent works at many local and international conferences, e.g. in Silicon Valley, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Moscow. He is a designer and implementer of VR tools for each of the platforms on which VR is available – from smartphones in cardboard goggles, through educational exploration applications on OculusGO to an advanced configurator of interior design products for the furniture industry, as well as a producer on two game projects on Oculus Quest 2. He created concepts of telling about space, function and history, implemented in VR, among others for Daimler (the world’s first VR tool for the Mercedes brand, 13 languages), VW, Enea, Sejm of the Republic of Poland. As well as stationary exhibitions with AR and tactile installations for many museums and institutions.


Developer of the Vall Gallery app and other VR solutions. He has been involved in the use of VR in many industries for 8 years. With the Wroclaw startup VRmind, he created applications to support chemotherapy and a first aid learning application in VR with the startup 4HelpVR. In collaboration with Wroclaw universities, he has conducted research in psychology and biomechanics of movement – such as body perception in VR and redirected walking. He is currently working on the use of VR in promoting culture and art. Always associated with Wrocław, he has supported the Innovation Centre in the implementation of activities using VR technology from the beginning.


Project Manager at CinematicVR, journalist, UX writer. She coordinates and leads film and IT VR/AR projects. She has 12 years of experience working in the cultural and entertainment industry, with a particular focus on film and new media. She has led projects for Atrium Polska, the Marshal’s Office of the Malopolska Region, the Wawel Royal Castle, Next Film, Nespresso, among others. She has worked as a journalist and copywriter for the largest media in Poland, including Polityka, Wysokie Obcasy Extra, Gazeta Wyborcza, Filmweb.pl, Vogue.pl, Onet.pl, Gazeta.pl. She has worked with HBO Poland, AXN Poland, M2Films, Kino Świat. Among others, she co-created the “Your Last Weekend” campaign, which was awarded the Grand Prix and the Titanium Lion at Cannes Lions. The AR app project ‘Colourful World Centre’, coordinated by her, reached the final of the ECSP European Solal Marketing Awards 2022 and was nominated in the 13th PRCH Retail Awards.


Interdisciplinary university education, graduate of engineering studies at Gdansk University of Technology, and master’s degree in management and economics at the aforementioned university. Certified accountant. Several years’ experience in implementing tasks in the field of culture, cultural heritage, promotion; implementation of social campaigns, cultural events; head of the editorial office of the eŚwiatowid.pl Cultural Portal of Warmia and Mazury. For six years, he has been managing the work of the Regional Digitisation Workshop, where he implements and coordinates international, national and regional projects related to digitisation and dissemination of digital resources, creation of VR and AR applications.


Specialist in digitisation and dissemination of cultural heritage at the Regional Digitisation Workshop of the “Światowid” European Meeting Centre in Elbląg. Graduate of the Faculty of Cultural Assets Protection with a specialisation in conservation and management at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. She completed postgraduate studies in aerial and terrestrial laser scanning at the Stanisław Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków and a master’s degree in International Heritage Visualisation at The Glasgow School of Art, a Scottish university. During her studies, she acquired practical skills in the field of 3D digitisation, using various techniques, of cultural heritage resources and knowledge of global trends in their visualisation and accessibility using the possibilities of modern technologies, including VR and AR. She uses the acquired knowledge in her work on the projects implemented by the Regional Digitisation Workshop.


Deputy Director of the IPN Office of New Technologies. Graduate of Countryside and historical tourism at the University of Gdańsk, in the course of MBA studies at the Jagiellonian Academy in Toruń. Co-responsible for preparing the project strategy of the BNT and implementing and developing projects of the Institute of National Remembrance based on new technologies.


Specialist in practical project management, lover of video games and game and non-game culture. Project manager for the Centre for Comics and Interactive Narrative in Łódź.


Bartosz Żuk has been responsible for product management at HTC Poland for almost 12 years. Known for his passionate support in 2015 for the first steps of Vive, Bartosz Żuk has become a true rock and evangelist for the idea of Virtual Reality and one of its most passionate promoters in Poland. So, now working as Regional Product Manager (based in Poland) and with more than 20 years of experience in various sectors of the telecommunications and IT industry, he has also become the ideal candidate to look after HTC Vive in the CEE region.
He has proven his worth time and time again by giving countless briefings and speeches at industry meetings and conferences. Bartosz Zuk’s achievements are reflected in his rare ability to combine business, cultural context and products in such a way that the coils of even the most raw technology are charged with human emotion.
Prior to joining HTC, Bartosz spent some time at Siemens Poland as Product Manager, at NC Virtual Systems dealing with product implementation and as a Training Specialist at Polkomtel. Bartosz is also a happy husband and fulfilled father of two children.