“Do not love on such a night” – a musical comedy in the style of the 1930s.
The glitter of lights, dazzling costumes, acrobatic choreography, and the star of the evening – Aleksander Zabczynski (Jacek Knap) – an artist who needs no introduction, a man who kisses the hand of beautiful madams, loves on nights like this one, and for whose flaws there is no more advice! But what if the announcer Maniek (Dawid Dziarkowski) and the waiters mistake the ladies who come to the unusual evening of the revue? The beautiful stranger, who is really Ina Benita (Katarzyna Ptasinska) will take as Maria – the wife of Aleksander, and his wife Maria (Aleksandra Grzelak) as an ordinary admirer… The kindest actor of the Second Republic of Poland will have to go to a lot of trouble to get out of this ambaras!

script and direction: Tomasz Szafrański

producer: Kama Janczyk, Barbara Berkan

producer: Biuro Programu „Niepodległa” – Jan Kowalski, Wojciech Kirejczyk, Anna Bińkowska

music: Bartłomiej Zajkowski

scenography: Andrzej Lewczuk

costumes: Wiganna Papina

makeup: Anna Kołyga

montage: Radosław Piotrowski


Aleksander Żabczyński: Jacek Knap
Konferansjer Maniek: Dawid Dziarkowski
Ina Benita: Katarzyna Ptasińska
Żona Maria: Aleksandra Grzelak


Sabat Theater Ballet
choreography: Małgorzata Potocka

performance of the song ‘Let’s love each other’: Rafał Grozdew

the author of the text: Michał Bleszyński