Empiriusz is the first and so far the only virtual laboratory in Poland specifically designed for primary and secondary schools – the device has the relevant CE certificate, guaranteeing safe use by children and young people. It is a comprehensive solution, including a mobile workstation with a built-in computer, a touchscreen for easy operation, state-of-the-art core-compliant VR software and goggles and controllers. Teachers can use Empirius in any classroom in the school and do not need an online connection to any external server.

Currently, Empiriusz offers two thematic modules through which students can perform spatial geometry tasks (building solids) or carry out dozens of different chemistry experiments – using this module, students move around a realistic-looking chemistry lab, reach for test tubes and reagents, carry out reactions, draw conclusions and effectively learn through virtual experience. All tasks available in Empiriusz have been developed by Nowa Era specialists, in collaboration with external experts, and are in line with the core curriculum.