Title: Field
Creator: Sonia Kaźmierczak
Genre: VR experience
The experience has the character of a ritual passage through the zones of exterior and interior. A gesture made from an alienated space transports us to the centre of the organic sphere. In the midst of corporeal matter, where touch instinctively becomes the closest sense, the question of the possibility of feeling arises. Despite the crucial role that touch plays in our animal life, it is usually overlooked. Immersive experience leads to a balancing situation. We find ourselves in a state of suspension between being outside of ourselves and at the same time inside a foreign tissue. I manifest the body being its own entity – a self-determining space of exploration.


Sonia Kaźmierczak – intermedia artist. Her main areas of work are graphics, video, VR experiences and audiovisual narratives. She experiments with three-dimensional spaces, exploring issues related to the location of the human being in the digital world. She is a final-year student of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.