Title: Noise
Creator: Rafał Kruszka
Genre: game

The VR experience ‘Noise’ presents a snapshot of a synthetically dense, patched urban space composed of 3D scans. Frozen in imperfect forms, silhouettes and places can be viewed more closely through the use of unique mechanics of movement within the experience. The positioning of the immersed person’s hands influences sound, speed of movement and lighting.

The experience explores the theme of high levels of stimuli in urban spaces that can influence heightened feelings of anxiety. In ‘Noise’, one can hide from the overwhelming sound by following the illuminating dots of the space.


Rafał Kruszka is a 5th year student at the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He is interested in the subject of human relations with technology and virtuality. He most eagerly uses digital visual media. Passionate about new technologies, augmented and virtual reality, photography and film.