The largest production ever filmed in space, Space Explorers: The ISS Experience is an epic four-part immersive series that invites you to join eight astronauts on life-changing missions aboard the International Space Station. Shot over two years with exclusive access to the crew, The ISS Experience offers an intimate take on the joy, wonder, and dangers of life in orbit.

Experience history as you immerse yourself in the world’s first-ever spacewalk outside the International Space Station captured in cinematic VR as if you were actually there. Take in a view of our world like never before and get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action deploying and maneuvering the VR camera.



VR TO GO @ Phi (Space Explorers) – Selection


VR TO GO @ Phi – On View


Virtual Worlds 2019 – Felix & Paul Studios Retrospective
LYFF 2019 – VR Zone
Canadian Screen Awards 2019 – Best Immersive Experience – Non-Fiction


GIFF Virtual Territories 2018 – Out-Of-Competition
Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival (IDFF) 2018 – Virtual Reality
Sitges 2018 – Cocoon
FNC Explore 2018 – Virtual Reality
LA Film Festival 2018 – The Portal
SIGGRAPH 2018 – VR Theater
In Progress: VR Frontline 2018 – Selection
Sonar 2018 – Realities +D
SIFF VR Zone 2018 – 360 OUTER SPACE
Cannes NEXT 2018 – Exhibition
Particles of Existence – What’s on
Sundance Film Festival – New Frontier 2018 – Mobile VR Lineup

Director :
Félix Lajeunesse , Paul Raphaël

Original title :
Space Explorers: The Journey Begins

Production companies :
Felix & Paul Studios
Partner companies :
Meta (ex Oculus), NASA, Headspace Studios

Voice :
Brie Larson

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Felix & Paul Studios

A visionary creator with a keen eye for detail and sustained emotional focus, Félix Lajeunesse crafts immersive and interactive experiences that are rooted in connection: viewers feel deeply moved by the places and people they see and hear, and find themselves completely involved in the moment. Throughout his career, Félix has fused that sense of immediacy with a spirit of exploration to bring the creative possibilities of immersive entertainment to audiences through a variety of mediums that forge new frontiers in cinematic storytelling. Since co-founding Felix & Paul Studios in 2013, Félix has directed and co-directed most of the studio’s 30 immersive experiences to date. These include the EMMY Award–winning interactive feature The People’s House with President Barack Obama, the original VR fiction/feature experience Miyubi starring Jeff Goldblum, and the Space Explorers series in collaboration with NASA. Félix also shares his knowledge and expertise with a bold new generation of creators including Oscar-winning Director, Roger Ross Williams on Traveling While Black , NFB/Clyde Henry Productions on Gymnasia , and the team at TIME Studios on the latest season of Space Explorers entitled The ISS Experience. Whether leading the creative team at Felix & Paul Studios, directing or producing, Félix Lajeunesse continues to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling while charting a new course for presence-based, emotionally powerful artistic entertainment.

Paul Raphaël
Co-Founder / Creative Director / CTO Felix & Paul Studios

An immersive entertainment revolutionary, Paul Raphaël combines creative and technological innovation to explore ever-evolving forms of storytelling. The Emmy® Award-winning filmmaker, visual artist, director and studio head is known for his projects’ remarkable sense of presence and ingenuity. He’s enhanced how viewers consciously and personally connect with an experience, creating incredibly life-like, emotionally authentic worlds through the technologies of VR, AR and MR. In an over decade-long collaboration with his Felix & Paul Studios co-founder Félix Lajeunesse, he designed the camera technologies that brought the duo’s concepts to life. Together they created the first ever cinematic VR experience, Strangers with Patrick Watson — the project that launched Felix & Paul Studios in 2013. Since then, Paul has co-directed and overseen the creative direction of the studio’s over 30 projects, including the Emmy® Award-winning interactive feature The People’s House with former-President Barack Obama, original VR fiction-feature experience Miyubi, and documentary series Space Explorers in collaboration with NASA. He’s brought his expertise to recent co-productions with Oscar-winning Roger Ross Williams’ Traveling While Black, NFB and Oscar-nominated Clyde Henry Productions’ Gymnasia, and with TIME on the latest filming of Space Explorers aboard the International Space Station, using Felix & Paul Studios’ specialized cameras, on what has become the largest media project ever filmed in space. This content is also part of The Infinite, the world’s largest scale VR exhibit. Spurring the evolution of storytelling as an interactive experience, Paul works closely with expanded technical teams and creative partners to lead Felix & Paul Studios into an elevated future of immersive entertainment.