Discover a magical galaxy inspired by the interstellar travels of The Little Prince, styled with hand-drawn book illustrations, and experience a wonderful space adventure in virtual reality. Observe the life and events of unusual planets by physically manipulating a telescope. Take photos and record your observations to complete your book of research and solve the ultimate cosmic mystery…. or simply sit back and relax during your stargazing journey.

  • Become an astronomer – make the most of your own observatory – a planetarium with complete scientific equipment, a research journal, a photo kit and …a telescope.
  • Explore the galaxy – see light years ahead in space and bend light beams to study planets from different angles. Take photos of strange phenomena. Analyse your findings in a research journal.
  • Sit back and explore the galaxy from many different angles – discover hidden objects, new species and unknown planets.
  • Solve scientific puzzles – work out how unusual phenomena come together and be amazed by them!