Title: VR Drawing
Creators: Cyril Ambroziak, Ziemowit Dąbrowski, Gabriel Kryszpiniuk, Zofia Słupczyńska
Genre: VR experience

The work is a summary of the creation skills inside the VR environment that the students learned in the ‘3D Drawing’ lab – VR Drawing, edition 1. Each of its 4 modules is an individual creation of each artist – they are presented together, as intended. The work envisages the possibility of moving freely through its space, including to the interiors of the creations, but does not allow interaction with them using controllers.

Cyril Ambroziak ‘Untitled’. The work presents the concept of the personification of death in the style of Voodoo beliefs. The work also refers to personal interests in magic and the occult as a set of symbols and archetypes.

Ziemowit Dąbrowski ‘Jungle’. A scene from the distant future when a flora-monstrous jungle has taken over the planet. Many forms imitate the fauna, and the descendants of humans have themselves partly transformed into plants. The work is inspired by Brian W. Aldiss’s book The Warming House.

Gabriel Kryszpiniuk ‘Untitled’. The project is a collection of experiments and conjectures in VR space, which as a medium was a new experience for me. I presented the virtual sculptures in the form of a story inspired by fantasy themes and the notion of ritual.

Zofia Slupczynska ‘The Hobbit’s Cottage’. The scene is inspired by the film ‘The Hobbit’ and depicts Bag End, the dwelling of the Baggins family. The interior of the Hobbit’s burrow is filled with furniture, paintings and hiding places, which the viewer discovers while exploring the house. The work was presented in the final year exhibition, realised in the Incubator’s VR space, as a culmination of the collaboration during the academic year.


Cyryl Ambroziak, Ziemowit Dąbrowski, Gabriel Kryszpiniuk, Zofia Słupczyńska – Painting students, from 1st to 3rd year, all of whom are interdisciplinary artists. For the most part, it was their first contact with VR, and certainly their first with the possibility to create anything inside the VR environment.