This is an interactive VR experience, part of the multimedia exhibition 'To tame the city. Everyday life of Elbląg residents between 1945 and 1949″, which is available in the multimedia presentation space of the Regional Digitalisation Workshop operating in the „Światowid” European Meeting Centre in Elbląg. Moving to post-war Elbląg, we visit one of the first photographic ateliers operating in the city, where together with its talkative owner we collect developed photographs depicting the city at the time in a darkroom. This task is a chance to learn about the real life of the first post-war inhabitants of Elbląg. The gamification elements used make the experience even more attractive, especially for school groups and families visiting the exhibition.

The VR application and the exhibition of which it is a part have been realised as part of the project 'Museums beyond borders. Phase II’ co-financed by the European Union, under the European Neighbourhood Instrument. The project touches on the topic of the first post-war settlement of the so-called recovered territories by the first inhabitants of the Warmia and Mazury region. The exhibition and application was created using photographs and objects of everyday use from that period, as well as souvenirs of the so-called pioneers, digitised as part of the project.