A strange love in a world without sun.

Narrated by Colin Farrell, 'Gloomy Eyes’ tells the story of the sun who got tired of humans and decided to hide and never rise again. An animated VR-trilogy in 6DoF & 3D real-time.

When the sun got tired of humans it decided to hide and never rise again. The darkness awoke the dead from their graves. After the sun retreated and darkness engulfed the world, an oppressive leader has made being a zombie against the law, their very existence is illegal. They are forced to hide in the forest, away from dangerous zombie hunters. At night when the hunters retreat into their homes, the cold sunless world becomes calm and quiet. A zombie kid called Gloomy wanders alone, out of sight…  This zombie is different. Truth is, he doesn’t feel too comfortable around others of his kind. Gloomy is not like other zombies. He has something inside him that we can’t see or understand. But Nature knows he’s special.

An unexpected encounter one night changes everything. By unlikely chance, or by the mysterious powers of nature, a human girl and the zombie boy Gloomy fall in love. Nena is no ordinary girl. Born in the cold darkness and knowing no other way of life, she is the niece of the harsh leader of humankind. But Gloomy and Nena care not, and immediately form an irreversible bond, powerful enough to bring brightness again to their obscure town. Can their atypical love survive in a world where the living and the dead cannot peacefully coexist?

'Gloomy Eyes’ is above all a love story and a tale of magic. At its core, Gloomy represents all of us. It is a story about being different, belonging and the awkwardness and improbability of finding love. The unlikely connection between Gloomy and Nena transcends all loneliness, fear, and bigotry.