The educational „Wawel Dragon AR” Application is dedicated to one of the icons of Krakow and the hero of one of the most important legends – the Wawel Dragon. The Dragon in Kraków app was commissioned by the Wawel Royal Castle and the City of Kraków. It contains an animated, interactive model of the Wawel Dragon, made on the basis of engravings. It can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play shops.

During the Immersion Festival, the Wawel Dragon AR app will only be presented
on 13 December 2022 at the CDT.


Interactive entertainment with a Krakow legend

The app consists of three main parts. The first is a map screen with instructions on how to reach the five locations within Krakow where the beast can be seen. The key element of the app is, of course, the AR module. Once you arrive at the location indicated on the map, it allows you to display in augmented reality one of five Dragon animations. In each of these, the user can interact with the animal. We can wake the Dragon from its sleep near the Dragon’s Den, help it land in the Market Square or make it breathe fire. After the interaction, the user receives the curiosity assigned to the location in the Legend screen.